Jan 4, 2024

Geeq Joins Project Healthcare Accelerator Cohort 2024

Geeq joins the 2024 Cohort for Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Project Healthcare, the Leading National HealthTech Accelerator.

Feb 16, 2021


Geeq is a multi-blockchain platform secured by our Proof of Honesty protocol (PoH), safe enough for your most valuable data, cheap enough for IoT, and flexible enough for any use.

Sep 14, 2020

Geeq Pre-Staking on Bitmax

Geeq and Bitmax.io are happy to announce we will be commencing a pre-staking Initiative!

Dec 14, 2019

Geeq™ Value Proposition – Core Strength

UPDATE: Now with Video! A description of one of the high points in the Blockchain Brad interview.

Dec 4, 2019

Geeq™ Value Proposition – Interoperable Blockchains

Video: An excerpt from the Blockchain Brad interview reveals how Geeq’s interoperable blockchains moves blockchain from theory to function.

Nov 11, 2019

Meet The Geeq Team — John P. Conley, Chief Economist & Founder

Welcome to the second meet the Geeq™ team article! In this week’s article, we’ll be looking at the incredible John P. Conley.