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Brad Laurie, cryptocurrency educator and Ambassador for Morpheus Labs, Geeq’s strategic partner, sat down to ask Geeq John Conley about which tools Geeq is “building in” for use cases such as micropayments and IoT.

John’s answer might surprise you.

Basically, the initial build for the Geeq platform is intended to be as streamlined as possible. We don’t want to build in anything that might interfere with the security of Proof of Honesty.

We Do What We Do – and – You Be You

If we tried to anticipate what everyone might want built in, it would bloat the underpinnings of Geeq for anyone who tried to use it. Not only is that not our style — if it is possible at all — that approach is counterproductive. It would introduce vectors for attack that may compromise our security model. It would increase costs when the point of the design has been to keep costs low so blockchain can be incredibly useful. Furthermore, it assumes we might be able to anticipate the precise desires of our users better than they do themselves.

Why would we think that? We’re good at what we do. However, we’re the first to admit we are not mind readers!

“So the value prop really is that you have a toolbox for many of the future uses and the future businesses that could onboard and that can benefit from what you have to offer as a protocol.”

Brad Laurie

Geeq : The Cutting Edge of Security

What we do know is that Geeq has a comparative advantage at being the cutting edge in security for a blockchain platform as a service (BPaaS).

Geeq’s offers strong security in more dimensions than any other.

Secure validation of blockchains is our core business. On top of that, we have already identified blockchains as a service (BaaS) that we will build that will have wide use. If they’re not exactly to your taste, or if you can build one yourself, we will help you customize and launch yours.

We grow when you’re successful. We want you to be successful.

John’s Favorite Use Case – MicroCommerce: Machine to Machine Streaming Payments

Of course, John has a favorite use case for Geeq that he has been itching to build. It involves streaming micropayments for an easy machine to machine app (M2M) that is only possible if you can process very cheap and very secure transactions on blockchain. As a tele-communications guy (John has hidden depths because – of course he does), he has been thinking about it for a long time.

If you are frustrated with cell phone use when you travel, then take heart that John really, really wants to put an international cell phone on-demand calling plan on a payments blockchain.

John: My favorite example is – I have to go to Canada all the time. And then I don’t have – my cell phone doesn’t work.

If I could walk through the airport and my cell phone could reach out with its wireless and contact your cellphone and say ‘Hey, I’d like to buy some minutes from you” and we have an application – not a blockchain application – but an application on our cell phones that negotiated this. And we wouldn’t even be aware the negotiation was going on.

So I’d say, “Great, I’d like to say, you know, we’re in range and I want to use your phone as long as you’re in range of my phone by this LAN, this wireless connection – and you’re paid a stream of pennies on the blockchain. And your phone can say, “Yep, I got that penny, yep, I got that penny, and it can be done for a hundredth of a cent apiece. And as soon as I stop paying you, you cut me off. And as soon as you’re out of range, I stop paying you.

So, if we can let these payments go through for really small amounts of money and our machines can do it for us, they can act as our agents. They can do things that we want them to instead of doing things that manufacturers want them to do.

If you have been developing the apps that do this already, then please look us up. We are looking for co-development partners. And Geeq may very well be the ideal, cooperative, non-diva blockchain partner you have been wanting.

Geeq has partnered with Morpheus Labs to further reduce the costs and time spent on prototyping and deploying DApps on Geeq as well as to bring Geeq’s technical expertise to Morpheus Labs’ adoption initiatives.

The full interview is available on Brad’s YouTube channel HERE. Please watch this space; we will feature other portions of Brad and John’s in-depth talk in the future. You can also follow Brad on Twitter @Brad_Laurie.

Photo by Simon Kessler on Unsplash

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