Geeq Joins Project Healthcare Accelerator Cohort 2024

By: Geeq  on Jan 4, 2024

Geeq is proud to announce its selection as one of 17 tech startups in Project Healthcare‘s newest six month accelerator program, running from January 4 to June 28, 2024, at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville is the corporate headquarters of 17 publicly traded healthcare companies and seven of the largest for-profit healthcare systems.

Geeq’s secure blockchain technology offers flexibility for coordinating communications across organizations without the need for data system integration. Geeq’s breakthrough solutions provide lightweight, easy to use, clear identification of authorized data sources in information supply chains.

Health information supply chains are interwoven

In healthcare, any information supply chain can expand rapidly in any direction. Its growth will depend on the way patient-specific needs interact with capacity, contractual, and payer constraints at that moment. This variability makes it difficult to predict how many more communications will be required.

For example, when providers are not covered by insurance and/or treatments aren’t accessible, new requests for information may be triggered. Using conventional systems, information bottlenecks set off vicious and inefficient cycles, more energy, time, and resources must be devoted to keeping track of the overall message traffic instead of being able to act on the contents of the messages themselves.

Geeq’s efficient data solutions can improve quality of care dramatically

Failing to track updates can result in severe consequences, such as delayed care, unwarranted expenses, medical errors, and heightened uncertainty for all involved. These challenges arise because updates may originate from any direction, at any time, for any patient. The sole guiding principle is that every update must occur at a distinct point along a patient’s timeline.

Geeq’s technology excels in authenticating, organizing, and streamlining these intricate data flows. Geeq’s blockchains are ideally suited to verify the occurrence of events along a timeline. By providing confirmation for all messages sent and received as well as the authority to do so, Geeq’s private chains allow providers to concentrate on the content of the messages rather than their method of delivery.

For instance, providers can easily ascertain if a prior authorization has arrived and when a patient is scheduled for discharge, even when the insurance company and hospital use different entry points in the communication network. Geeq’s unique proof methods offer providers the confidence that they have safeguarded their patients and themselves when they observe their messages validated on-chain or review the latest synchronized update before taking action.

There are many links in a healthcare information supply chain. Geeq’s blockchain solutions strengthen the chain of custody at every step, allowing health care providers to redirect valuable resources back to quality of care.

The future is bright

Geeq’s CEO, Stephanie So, is passionate about reducing the stress of navigating healthcare systems. The opportunity to work with Project Healthcare mentors and gain insights from leading healthcare executives is invaluable. Geeq looks forward to collaborating with stakeholders to enhance data security, improve well-being, and prepare for a future of more efficient care delivery.

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