Geeq™ Partners with “Your Questions Answered” Platform Qudem for AMA

By: Geeq  on Aug 16, 2019

Geeq™ is pleased to announce its exciting new partnership with Qudem, the interactive influencer and brand QandA platform.

Qudem’s mission is to provide their users with the opportunity to ask questions about cutting-edge, super-busy people, with the Top 20 questions selected based on community-voting and submitted to an industry expert.

Qudem’s model is perfectly suited for a company like Geeq, which is innovating on nearly every aspect of its business of providing blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service. From Geeq’s new approach to blockchain security to its innovative platform architecture, its welcoming stance toward BaaS partners and its focus on introducing new business capabilities, all blockchain and cryptocurrency participants are sure to find something new at Geeq — just as Geeq has something to learn from each question it receives.

That is why we have chosen Qudem to host our AMA “Geeq: Blockchain without Impossibility”. Founder and Chief Economist, John Conley, will be available to explain how Geeq’s innovative protocol, Proof of Honesty, is uniquely designed to be proof against strategic manipulation.

Geeq exists in order to ensure that people, no matter who or where they are, will be able to find themselves on common ground, thanks to the unambiguous, verifiable, and forever truthful facts validated on a Geeq blockchain.

With Geeq, asymmetric information and the havoc it wreaks on markets will be a thing of the past. As a result, new markets on Geeq’s platform can be glimpsed right around the corner.

Qudem brings communities together, just asGeeq welcomes individuals and businesses from all communities to embrace blockchain with confidence.

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Sign in to to submit your questions to Geeq’s AMA now, and don’t forget to join us when it goes live at 17:00 UTC on September 24, 2019”.

Geeq™ is a public blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service that is secured by our Proof of Honesty protocol (PoH), ensuring your most valuable data is the safest it can be while being easily accessible to all.

Qudem is the platform which connects users to influencers, startups and entrepreneurs where you can ask unfiltered questions cited for by the community.

Photo by Paul Berthelon Bravo on Unsplash

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