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Brad Laurie, cryptocurrency educator and Ambassador for Morpheus Labs, Geeq’s strategic partner, sat down with Geeq’s John Conley for a series of Brad’s famously direct questions.

The result? A technical discussion that led to one of Geeq’s unique value propositions: a strong foundation for a Blockchain Platform as a Service (BPaaS), that will support any business to build interoperable public blockchains as a service (BaaS).

Geeq’s Public Blockchain Architecture

Brad and John quickly got to the heart of the platform architecture. We pick up in the middle of the fast-moving conversation here.

John: Sharding is no good – or having multi-chains is no good – if these are all independent, because if you can’t interoperate, then everyone is isolated.

Brad: Yeah, there’s no network. You’d just have silos.

John: So you have to find a way to get multi-chain – or have interoperabilities. … And the way that we were able to achieve that is by keeping this validation layer extremely simple. It doesn’t contain any smart contracts, … all it has is Geeq transactions and a few other things that are network maintenance issues. So, transfers of Geeq tokens and fee payments to validators is all that live on that layer.

Interoperability Is a Systems Problem

Interoperability between blockchains has been a tough nut for the blockchain industry to crack, in part because their security models have not provided enough confidence that transactions between blockchains will provide solutions competitive with the status quo.

One can see how blockchains without Proof of Honesty might have had problems. Intuitively, weaknesses in other security models, such as variations on Proof of Stake, are more vulnerable when two dissimilar systems are brought together. Consider models that attempt to create interoperability between blockchain A and B when they operate according to different governance structures, for example. How can the business clients of Blockchain B be certain that their accounts on Blockchain A will always be honored? Potential problems only become more complicated from there.

In contrast, Geeq knew these problems had to be overcome for mass adoption. Fortunately, the decision that all chains on the platform are validated by the same protocol guarantees a consistent rule set governs the single utility token that powers the entirety of the platform, including all the multiple blockchains on it. In addition, the theoretical properties that Proof of Honesty conveys to all blockchains applies to the application layer blockchains as well. In this way, Geeq is able to leapfrog problems that bedevil both Blockchain Platforms as a Service and companies offering Public Blockchains as a Service.

Blockchains for Enterprise Solutions

Isolated blockchain projects may enjoy great success. Some, like certain cryptocurrencies, may enjoy lasting mass adoption, especially when people value holding the cryptocurrency without making significant transfers between applications.

However, in the distributed business world, interoperability, finality, and security are going to be necessary conditions for blockchain solutions to enter the mainstream.

For more details, please read The Geeq White Paper and The Geeq Project Technical Paper.

Geeq has partnered with Morpheus Labs to further reduce the costs and time spent on prototyping and deploying DApps on Geeq as well as to bring Geeq’s technical expertise to Morpheus Labs’ adoption initiatives.

The full interview is available on Brad’s YouTube channel HERE. Please watch this space; we will feature other portions of Brad and John’s in-depth talk in the future. You can also follow Brad on Twitter @Brad_Laurie.

Photo by Daniele Levis Pelusi on Unsplash

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