John Conley – Geeq Data Interview

By: Geeq  on Aug 9, 2022

Geeq Data is a private blockchain solution that’s designed to work with your data systems with a light touch.

Data that is put on the blockchain can be ingested into your existing centralized data systems, but with that Geeq Data layer, it still allows you to share that data in a way that is credible to all of your various partners.

A common misconception is that blockchain is a fundamentally expensive solution. It’s really only expensive because of the mechanisms of consensus.

Geeq has a mechanism that uses very few resources computationally and otherwise. Thousands of transactions can be put in the block chain per second, at the cost of a hundredth of a cent or less.

Blockchain is not a solution to every problem, but it is a solution to certain problems that cannot be solved in a centralized way. Those problems primarily revolve around the issue of trust and integrity and people wishing to be empowered, instead of being controlled by one centralized authority.

We think that Geeq can provide a solution to a lot of problems you may not even know you have.
As you can see we are very enthusiastic about the possibilities that Geeq offers.