Blockchain and Healthcare – Fireside Friday’s Chat with Mike Reyes and Stephanie So

By: Geeq  on Aug 14, 2023

Mike Reyes, advocate for digital health care, hosted Geeq’s Stephanie So to inaugurate Rhode Island New Technology’s Fireside Friday’s series. The topic : practical applications of blockchain in health care.

Stephanie had ransomware on her mind. According to IBM’s X-Force Cost of a Data Breach Report (2022), healthcare organizations required over 300 days to fully contain a data breach. Stresses on healthcare systems from sudden and unexpected losses of patient information, for such long periods of time, affects timely delivery of care and imposes additional risks of medical error. Some healthcare organizations opt to cancel services rather than take those risks.

Health care providers, patients, and their families have enough on their minds. How can we help? Mike and Stephanie agreed: do not ask people to make more behavioral changes. Blockchain should become an invisible safety net for hospital data, one that does not go down if the central databases fail or are held for ransom.

You have your daily life in the hospital – already.
You have cyberattacks and concerns about ransomware – already.
These are already issues that are part of the fear landscape.

What we can do without bothering you is make sure that the most critical pieces of data you need – in case something happens – gets sent to the blockchain. Just like pushing an Enter key, except it can be automated in the background.

Stephanie So, CEO of Geeq

Mike shared his vision of patients having portable control of their data. He and Stephanie discussed HIPAA, encryption, and the state of privacy as it exists on patient records in current systems. Compared to the status quo, there is a lot of room for blockchain to improve healthcare.

  • 00:00 Introducing Mike Reyes & Stephanie So
  • 01:48 Geeq’s Approach to Blockchain
  • 03:05 What’s Fake News
  • 03:30 What is Blockchain
  • 06:50 Healthcare Legacy Systems
  • 09:01 Incentives for Adoption
  • 12:09 HIPAA Compliance
  • 17:22 Hacking Blockchain
  • 22:41 Healthcare Tokenization
  • 26:24 Geeq: Public or Private Blockchain
  • 27:01 Applications for Blockchain
  • 30:10 Track & Trace with Blockchain
  • 33:25 Sharing Data On-chain.
  • 35:00 Your Favorite Crypto?
  • 37:55 Making Technology Accessible to Everyone

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