2024 Tokenomics Update

By: Geeq  on Jan 10, 2024

At the beginning of last year, we updated our tokenomics and moved 8,977,778 tokens from the unissued supply to the marketing wallet to continue being able to meet our token commitments.

Due to the increased staking offerings and low token value, we have used these tokens faster than anticipated as some of those commitments are in dollar value. We had to pull forward some of the 500k per month allocation in 2023 to meet certain end-of-year token commitments due.

As a result of this, in Q1 of 2024, we will be moving 10,000,000 tokens from the unissued supply to the marketing wallet for the year 2024.

The Unissued supply will be 30% once the 10 million Tokens are transferred to the marketing wallet.

The marketing wallet will release 1.5 million Tokens every 2 months. This will be used to facilitate staking rewards to the community and other marketing/business incentives we are working on. 

The 1% Hybrid Seed Round, 5% Advisors, and 7% Founders all remain in company control and will be vested from the mainnet launch.

We have also updated the tokenomics for 2024 to reflect the company’s tokens. Which can be found here.

The initial token release schedule can be found here.

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