Geeq at Huawei Cloud Day : Recap

By: Geeq  on Nov 24, 2021

Singapore, home to Morpheus Labs, has and will continue to be a world leader in digital transformation. In an interview with Bloomberg, the Managing Director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore Ravi Menon, recognized the potential for new decentralized technologies to lower costs, increase efficiency, and increase market participation. “If 2030 is going to be a tokenized world, we want to make sure we are well positioned”, he said.

While Singapore’s financial sector is growing, there is still quite a bit of uncertainty about how financial intermediaries can and should build bridges to a digital economy. Will there be relatively safe ways for these more conservative institutions to engage with such a rapidly changing and highly technological counter-movement? Will there be room for both? If so, how should financial intermediaries factor blockchain technology into their plans?

HUAWEI CLOUD DAY’s attendees were gathered to find answers to these questions. Geeq’s Founder and Chief Economist, John Conley, was among the experts invited from the Huawei Cloud x Morpheus Labs Signature Launchpad Service. Speaking to an audience of corporate, financial, and government leaders, John outlined a path forward – one that began by telling them that Geeq’s on-chain micropayments technology is well into development.

Purely digital micropayments rails will arrive sooner than many think. Positioning companies advantageously for the future should include thinking about how their services will support clients’ participation in a new economy with micro-value chains.

To read about one use case where Geeq’s micropayments will enable new micro-value chains, please read here or visit to discover others. is enabled for desktops and laptops in your Chrome browser.

John gave concrete advice about the future of fintech in his 15 minute talk below. The slides to his talk are here.

We hope John’s talk spurred you to understand the tremendous gains of trade to be had once the micro-value economy is unlocked. More importantly, we hope you think of steps you can take right now to prepare for it. Please spread the word, share the links, and Be A Geeq!

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