Geeq™ at #CESC2019 and #SFBW

By: Geeq

Founder John P. Conley was all over San Francisco Blockchain Week 2019.

On Monday, John presented “Game Theory for Distributed Systems” for the Crypto Economics Security Conference. On Tuesday, his talk for Macro.WTF: “Algorithmic Monetary Policy” introduced the theory behind Geeq’s stabilized-token. Each of these is written up with a little more context on the Explainers page or, if you prefer, check out the videos.

John and Prysm Group’s Guido Molinari

John has proven himself as a presenter. How would he do on a panel discussion?

Well, we know he was in the middle of the action! John enjoyed co-panelists Sunny Aggarwal, Baek Kim, Zaki Manian, and Steve Waldman as well as the party afterwards.

John and Sunny Aggarwal at Tendermint/Cosmos

The panel tackled no less than “Monetary Systems in an International Context”. The topics proposed were Rodrick’s Trilemma, Rethinking the Euro, On Libra, Hayekian Denationalization of Money, and Inflection Points in Monetary Dominance.

After working for the first part of the week, John was able to relax a bit with another economist who is deep into blockchain, Bill Tulloh.

John and Agoric’s Bill Tulloh

See you next year!

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

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