by Geeq

Jan 15, 2020

Kick Off 2020 with Geeq News!

New Year, New Content Pages – and another Supply Chain reference for Geeq.

Be alert. Geeq announcements come only from GeeqOfficial.

by Bill Griffiths

Jan 6, 2020

Be Careful Out There

Don’t Trust. Always Verify. Your security is important to us.

by Geeq

Dec 14, 2019

Geeq Value Proposition – Part 2

Flexible enough for you to collect real-time, streaming micropayments for any application. A A recap and link to another exchange with Blockchain Brad.

by Geeq

Dec 4, 2019

Meet The Geeq™ Team — Stephanie So, CDO & Founder

Welcome to the third installment of our Meet the Geeq™ team series! This week’s edition will feature our incredible Chief Development Officer, Stephanie So.

by Geeq

Geeq Value Proposition – Part 1

A well-articulated and game-changing toolkit for businesses to build interoperable blockchain services. A recap and link to a conversation with Blockchain Brad.

by Geeq

Nov 28, 2019

Meet the Geeqs in Malta

Founders John P. Conley and Stephanie So (@ComplicatedIsOK) will be at the Malta Blockchain and AI Summit next week. – UPDATE – Links to video interviews!