by Geeq
Jan 24, 2023

Geeq Staking Update

Here are the details for another round of Geeq’s webstaking!

by Geeq
Jan 23, 2023

Important update on tokenomics

A quick update to our tokenomics to reflect the company token holdings as well as some token movements which will happen shortly.

by Geeq
Jan 18, 2023

Video: The 2-in-1 approach that makes NFTs meaningful

With all the hype over NFTs, nobody has addressed the fatal flaw: in themselves, they do absolutely nothing to protect ownership rights, because they have no connection to real-world legal enforcement. That is, not until now.

If the digital and legal worlds aren’t working together, there is no place for NFTs to go. But in our year-end livestream, Geeq CEO and co-founder Stephanie So announced our upcoming product that will solve this problem,

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by Geeq

Video: How Geeq and Rowbot are making data useful again

If it’s not broken, they say, don’t touch it – but the thing is, enterprise data systems are already at breaking point. 

by Geeq
Jan 12, 2023

December 2022 Round Up

December highlights: Proxy accounts for notary transactions code-complete; Geeq Data apps updated for v4.1; payload testing

by Geeq
Dec 29, 2022

Everything Geeqy in 2022

Geeq is proud to have made great strides in 2022. Here, we share our year in review, all in one place.