Geeq Integrating with Cutting Edge TrustSwap

By: Geeq  on Sep 19, 2020

Geeq™ is pleased to announce our exciting new planned integration of TrustSwap. TrustSwap is an easy way for you and anyone in the world to make safe cryptocurrency transactions, together without the need for a middleman.

This technical integration will be a huge addition to the industry leading services available to dApp developers, projects and users utilizing the Geeq platform.

TrustSwap allows its users to transact cryptocurrency safely without the use of a “middleman” in a true decentralised finance manner. This saves their community huge fees and provides a non-custodial, fully audited and secure solution for large transactions.

While this function alone makes TrustSwap incredibly useful to millions of cryptocurrency users around the world, it would be a disservice to say that their feature list stops there. In addition to their core service, TrustSwap also supports:

Cryptocurrency Subscriptions = TrustSwap allows online retailers to integrate crypto subscriptions directly onto their sites using any Ethereum-based token.

Tokensale Launchpad & Trusted Coin Offerings (TCO’s) = TrustSwap provides a supported token launchpad to growing blockchain projects. The selected projects allowed to use the launchpad can leverage the incredible TrustSwap community to raise funds through a TCO.

Wrapping As A Service = Wrap any token onto the Ethereum network, allowing it to interact with wallets, decentralized exchanges and the TrustSwap ecosystem.

Geeq: An evolution to the Blockchain Ecosystems of old

The Geeq platform, using its patent pending technology, provides a uniquely secured ecosystem for completely decentralized and permissionless blockchains. Geeq’s proprietary protocol, Proof of HonestyT (PoH), ultimately provides a springboard for mass adoption by empowering non-technical end users to protect themselves in the event there are attempts to defraud them or steal tokens from their honest accounts. Geeq achieves this unprecedented level of security and efficiency because it is building a validation layer that only validates, meaning there are no smart contracts allowed in Geeq’s validation layer.

Other blockchains have serious scalability issues, so when there is a spike in demand for financial transactions, as there have been in the past two weeks on Ethereum, gas fees have become exorbitant.  Those who are experienced in crypto might be able to estimate (and afford) the fees to make their trades; however, the ordinary user does not.  Geeq’s platform has been designed to keep fees low and volumes moving.  Whereas Proof of Work’s security model requires the expenditure of resources, thus forcing user fees upward when there is heavy competition, Geeq’s PoH’s security model does not. Developed by a team with expert economists, Geeq is designed to make financial transactions and other markets behave with less friction and thus more efficiency.  It is truly the next step forward in blockchain and cryptocurrency technology and a good fit for those serious about decentralized finance, such as TrustSwap, who wish to expand adoption to new users who desire security AND lower, practical, scalable transaction fees. 

While all blockchains on Geeq are validated by Proof of Honesty, which is elegant, simple, and free of smart contracts, Geeq’s application layer offers developers and businesses complete flexibility to build whatever smart contracts they wish for into the multiple different blockchains. In other words, Geeq’s validation is dApp agnostic, providing secure and inexpensive validation for any smart contract written as a blockchain-backed application.  Geeq’s limitless scalability via its multi-chain structure allows developers, businesses, enterprises, government agencies and other organizations to launch their own stand-alone, applications.  Geeq’s secure validation supports customized dApps in DeFi, supply chain, accounting, records, and tokenized assets. Geeq also plans to develop its own white-box blockchain-as-a-service business with an initial focus on IoT and micropayments.

TrustSwap is also increasing retail or direct-to-consumer utility by facilitating payments for subscription services to online retailers.  Both TrustSwap and Geeq share a vision of providing a wider range of options that make life easier for the consumer, whether the consumer chooses recurring payments for some services, such as monthly subscriptions in a TrustSwap-enabled cryptocurrency, or use pay as you go streaming services, such as Geeq’s micropayments in its own native Geeq token.  Neither method is exclusive, in fact, it is very likely that the same consumer may want subscriptions for some services and streaming payments for others.  By combining forces, TrustSwap and Geeq could become the first one-stop shop for those who choose to use an easy, fast, secure, and flexible platform for blockchain-based services.

By combining forces, TrustSwap and Geeq could become the first one-stop shop for those who choose to use an easy, fast, secure, and flexible platform for blockchain-based services.

TrustSwap: A true decentralized improvement on flaws at the root of current applications

TrustSwap is a full-service DeFi platform offering a suite of practical non-custodial applications that empower people and organizations to easily and securely exchange cryptocurrency and digital assets using fully-audited, customizable smart contracts. TrustSwap saves time and money by greatly reducing the need for third-parties with services such as SmartSwap (trustless P2P transactions), SmartEscrow (trustless escrow), and SmartSubscriptions (time-released payments).

TrustSwap is also an ILO launchpad that provides a powerful toolkit to help new blockchain projects easily integrate into DeFi while building trust and protecting early adopters. These include SmartLock (distributes Team/OTC tokens over time to prevent exit scams) and SmartWrap (ERC20 token wrapping).

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This is the next step in enabling users and developers access to the most trusted and accessible technology to further improve the experience when interacting with and utilizing Geeq. Keep your eyes peeled for more developments and updates surrounding this integration and more announcements from the team over the coming weeks.

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Geeq is a public blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service that is secured by our Proof Of Honesty protocol (PoH), ensuring your most valuable data is the safest it can be whilst being accessible in the most cost-effective manner imaginable. All this makes us the most suitable platform for all your IoT and Micropayment needs.