Perspectives from an Analyst

By: Geeq  on Jun 13, 2020

One of our thoughtful and supportive Community Members shared insights from his evaluation of Geeq, through his lens as a seasoned crypto investor and technical analyst. An open dialogue amidst all of us is exactly where we’d like to head, so we are very grateful he is kicking us off. Here we go!

These comments have been lightly edited, with the permission of @CryptoSatireMan.

Thoughts on the recent Ask a Geeq Anything AMA

I was delighted to see Geeq has a specialist, Hans Sundby as a Head of Crypto, who knows how to deal with markets and exchanges.

As mentioned, security is going to the top of the list of necessity and importance. Scalability matters, but not as much as making sure things are safe. In some of the consulting work I’ve done with some token projects, or others I’ve just taken an interest in, I’ve found it is an almost universal issue that project teams have zero awareness of how they should take their value, and how to apply them towards the market value of their token.

In my opinion, if a company or organization issues a cryptocurrency, they have two businesses at a minimum.

First, they are a tech company and probably that’s where their passion lies, in solving cool tech problems through blockchain. Some of these projects may be taken with the idea of tying the tech into a token, so they will add some tokenomics.

But, they are also the supplier of a cryptocurrency, a token, or a coin. As such, they are exposed to an entire category of people solely focused on that coin and how it performs at market, its 24 hr volume, its ranking etc.

It blows my mind how there are a number of important projects out there doing things the average thinker cannot do. Yet the simple math (and predictable reactions) of the market may be pounding the value of that token down, when there might be ways to avoid it from happening.

The marketing, promotion, outreach, messaging of the actual token matter a great deal when it is the right phase for a project, but almost all of the industry thinks if it solves something in the real world tech sector, the value will simply arrive at the coin at market, and that proves not to be the case.

The reason I’m hooked on the crypto sector is because it ties in absolutely everything that matters in society, from the financial and economics to how ideas are protected, to record keeping, holding sources accountable versus absolute privacy, working with business versus resolving issues to governments and governance and regulation, social impact, sourcing money to those who need the tech the most in impoverished nations.

There’s nothing I’ve seen in any other category like what crypto represents.

Editor’s note: Geeq is beyond proud and grateful to have a dedicated – and patient – crypto team who, in addition to their experience in crypto markets, fully appreciate how the token is connected to the real world also.

After the One on One with Ric Asselstine and Kyle Chasse

I find it so encouraging that 1) my research and instinct are correct as to the problem that needs to be addressed industry wide … solutions must be found, and 2) Geeq has built a team that is already out there addressing those things.

Ric discussed “Convergence” not “divergence”. Brilliant.

Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts with us, CryptoSatireMan! It’s part of Geeq’s DNA to learn from each other in order to raise everyone up. If you have something to say, please speak up! This space is for you.

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