The Geeq™ Project is launched!

By: John P. Conley

Press Release (January 17, 2018):

The Geeq Project introduces a new engine for blockchain validation that is far more secure and reliable than Bitcoin (Blockchain 1.0) and Ethereum (Blockchain 2.0).

The Bitcoin and Ethereum protocols rely on Proof of Work, which renders them vulnerable to strategic attacks.

GeeqChain’s protocol, Proof of Honesty™, protects users from blockchain malfunctions, whether intentional (e.g. hacks) or unintentional (e.g. network disruptions).

GeeqChains can scale to handle arbitrarily large numbers of transactions cheaply, efficiently, and quickly. GeeqChains are ideally suited for applications that require micropayments or facilitate the Internet of Things.

GeeqChain is designed from the ground up as a system of fully interoperable, federated chains.

GeeqChain’s federated architecture allows the ecosystem to evolve as new technologies become available and user needs change, as well as to fix bugs and deploy upgrades, without resorting to hard forks or violations of user trust.

GeeqChain’s power to evolve makes it future proof and quantum ready.

Photo Credit: Lovely monsters under the sea, Canary Islands, Spain, by Victoria Perez on Unsplash

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