Q1 2022 Update: How to Use Geeq Data

By: Geeq  on Mar 23, 2022

When building applications “apps” or decentralized applications “dApps” that use blockchain, Geeq Data provides the tools to manage our rapidly expanding and increasingly complex worlds of data. In layman’s terms, we need to find new ways to manage all of the data, and in real time, so data is useful but not overwhelming.

What we need are systems to validate transactions – messages containing requests to input data or add updated records – in ways that are secure and away from view. When we need to prove the data are authentic or use them as a reference, either for an audit or simply to compare notes, that is when it is time to consult blockchains directly or use other apps or dApps to ingest the data.

Geeq’s technology delivers blockchains that are capable of doing exactly what is described above. Geeq Data is secure, scalable, compact, and able to be tailored for private, public, or hybrid use.

This is the blockchain technology that was predicted to disrupt every industry.

We’d like to share our progress on developing an attestation service for Geeq Data that is easy to use and may be customized for your use case. We hope you enjoy! Technical viewers may wish to pause to enjoy the revealed contents of the blocks at the end.

To those who have joined Geeq’s community recently, welcome! If you are curious about how Geeq protocols differ from other blockchain protocols, we recommend this video explainer for non-technical viewers. If you have a technical background in blockchain and would like to see a simplified version of Geeq’s Proof of Honesty in action, there is a lot of information at simulator.geeq.io.

We’ll be sharing an explainer or two about how Geeq application layer blockchains are constructed soon. Stay tuned – and please help us spread the word!

Thank you for your support. We appreciate you,
The Geeq Team