by Geeq
Aug 1, 2022

How does Metadata help with Visibility? Will I lose my Privacy?

A brief overview of how the Geeq Data environment resolves the demand for data visibility and data privacy. First for private, then public and hybrid solutions.

by Geeq
May 24, 2022

Geeq Data: The ease of an app, the power of a Geeq blockchain

The app is a piece of software that takes the information you enter, formats it, asks for your cryptographic signature, and sends it as a transaction to a node in the Geeq Data’s blockchain network.

by Geeq

Are the file’s contents on the blockchain?

No. For the purposes of this app (and most blockchain apps), it does not make sense to write large amounts of data to a block. Remember, blockchains are append-only data structures, which means they are always growing. Writing a lot of data to a block can cause blockchain “bloat” which then can lead to a cascade of problems.

First, writing a lot of data to a blockchain can raise significant issues about storage and upkeep.

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