Video: Geeq™ with Bruce Porter, Jr.

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While at the Malta Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Summit in early November 2019, Geeq John P. Conley and Bruce Porter, Jr., CEO of GlobalBoost and Founder of Washington Elite A.I. Blockchain Summit met, exchanged small talk, and the novel idea behind Geeq’s Proof of Honesty clicked instantly.

Bruce Porter Jr. and John P. Conley

So much so, that both men got themselves up early the next day to put the conversation on the record, which is available HERE. Like minds connecting to push the blockchain space forward. We love it.

Two Men and an Interview

Bruce asked a rapid series of questions that got John to explain Proof of Honesty’s unusual workflow process, the automatic payment mechanism, whether or not the world needs blockchain, and the status of Geeq in record time. John was so relaxed that he obviously did not mind following Bruce’s lead at all.

Then the conversation took an unusual turn, which showed how both Bruce and John were thinking constantly about how future generations will need and use blockchain.

Wait, What? That Escalated Quickly.

BPJ: The feedback that I am getting, of course from this generation, is that they’re excited about it. Is that how you see it as well?

JPC: Yes, I think so. I think this generation is really interested in empowerment and decentralization.

BPJ: Right.

JPC: There’s a confluence of technologies. There’s cloud computing, which means we’ve got infinite capacity to store information.

BPJ: Right.

JPC: We’ve got universal connectivity which means every device is telling everything about you at every moment, so that everything is getting in there.

BPJ: Yeah.

JPC: And we’ve got ML and AI, which is now interpreting the data and figuring out what you’re going to do tomorrow.

BPJ: I know!

JPC: So all of these things are centralized …

BPJ: Right.

JPC: Blockchain is the only thing we have as – as a species – actually, that can oppose that, so I think that’s why it’s so important. It’s the one bulwark against the evils of centralization.

More, please.

For a slower tour through the Proof of Honesty workflow, the details are in Section 4 of The Geeq White Paper.

Bruce Porter, Jr.’s was in Malta to celebrate work on his latest project, the Global Blockchain Organization. You can follow him on Twitter under his handle @NetworksManager. Go ahead and tell him we want these two to have conversations on camera more often!

Bruce Porter Interview with John P. Conley
Bruce Porter, Jr.

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