Geeq’s Introduction to Web-Staking

By: Geeq

Staking and Liquidity Staking options are pool based.

  1. Staking is a group activity with multiple contributors for each staking contract.
  2. Each staking contract has a maximum on the size of the pool. This maximum is in orange and is at the top of the terms and conditions box. For example, the staking contract below has a maximum of 500,000 Geeq tokens.
  3. Once the maximum is reached or the window for staking has closed, whichever happens first, the pool is closed.
  4. Individual limits for participation in any pool (minimums or maximums) may apply for individual wallets.
Example of a Geeq Web-Based Staking Contract

Each staking contract has rewards that depend on time.

  1. Stake until full maturity to receive maximum rewards. Full maturity (the full term of the contract) is pre-specified with a date and time at which time full rewards will be available for withdrawal. In the picture above, the full term is 120 days.
  2. Be aware of the terms for early withdrawal.
    a. Some pools do not offer early withdrawal, you must stake for the full term. These simple contracts are written without an early withdrawal option, on the other hand, you are certain to obtain the full rewards.
    b. Some pools offer an early withdrawal option for flexibility. The earliest date for early withdrawal is also pre-specified with a date and time, after which you may withdraw your stake at any time. Although rewards are lower for early withdrawal, they increase linearly every day — past the early withdrawal date right up until full maturity.
    In other words, the closer your withdrawal is to full maturity, rewards will be higher but still less than full maturity.
  3. In the picture above, early withdrawal begins 60 days after the staking window ends.
  4. After the date and time of full maturity, the full rewards will be credited to your wallet when you unstake.

The APY listed is the reward for staking at FULL MATURITY.

Like a bank account, the APY (annual percentage yield) is defined as the effective rate of return on an investment for one year taking into account the effect of compounding interest.

In the example shown above, the APY is 60%. Remember, this is the reward if you stake for the full term. See the terms and conditions for each pool for how rewards are calculated for early withdrawal.

Terms for Liquidity Pools Only

All the explanations above apply to liquidity pool staking. In addition, Geeq may offer Liquidity Pools. For now, you have the option to stake your UNI-LP tokens for the Geeq/ETH pair, thus earning both uniswap fees + a great APY.

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