Tokenomics 2023

By: Geeq  on Jan 24, 2023

The Geeq Utility Token

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$GEEQ is a utility token used to pay nodes for the validation and virtual machine services they provide to Geeq’s multi-chain ecosystem. $GEEQ is also used as a staking token for the good behaviour bonds that help ensure honest behaviour by the validation network. As a purely transactional cryptocurrency, $GEEQ is also suitable for use in micropayment and other payment applications.

Tokens held by company & release schedule.

40% Unissued supply
may be distributed at the discretion of the corporate entity following board approval. Distribution is primarily for institutional buyers, liquidity providers, business development, community and staking initiatives. All releases will be well communicated before any releases of this allocation.

1% Hybrid Seed Round
Unlocked but held in escrow by the company. The hybrid seed round, while in circulating supply, by contract, remain in Geeq custody until mainnet.

5% Advisors
Locked until a successful mainnet is launched, Then vested for 12 months.

7% Founders
Locked until a successful mainnet is launched, Then vested for 12 months.

9% Marketing 2023
Due to a change in the mainnet timeline 8,977,778 Geeq tokens will move from the unissued supply to the marketing wallet during Q1 2023. 500k a month will be released to continue various staking pools, marketing initiatives and business incentives we are working on.

Token Details

Ticker GEEQ
Token type ERC-20 Until MainNet (Swap)
ERC-20 Contract address 0x6b9f031d718dded0d681c20cb754f97b3bb81b78
Etherscan link
Total Token Supply 100,000,000 GEEQ
Circulating Supply

The initial token release schedule can be found here