By: Geeq  on Aug 4, 2020

Great news Geeqs,

In order to move closer to going live and sending out public tokens to all participants 6th of August at 2 pm CET (12 pm UTC),

We are pleased to inform you we have created the GEEQ contract and structured the setup as described in our tokenomics.

The token distribution as seen in will be sent to multiple restricted wallets.

The Tokens released into the circulating supply on the Token Distribution Event will be according to the release and vesting schedule as stated in Geeq’s Tokenomics, the Preround and Unlocked rounds, as well as any other social media giveaways, will be included when

The Public Distribution takes place on 6th August at 2 pm CET. (12 pm UTC)

Estimated to take 1 hour, depending on the speed of the Ethereum network

If you wish to add the token contract to your wallets in advance, here are the details for adding the Geeq token to your wallets.

Name – GEEQ
Contract address – 0x6b9f031d718dded0d681c20cb754f97b3bb81b78
Decimals – 18

Etherscan link:

Listed below are various guides to some of the more widely adopted ERC20 wallets to help you through the process of adding Geeq or any other erc20 tokens to wallets so the token shows up thereafter.

Mew –

TrustWallet –


MyCrypto –

Enjin –

If you cannot see your wallet in the above list then it’s easy enough for you Geeqs to do a quick browser search to find your specific wallet and instructions on how to add a new erc20 token to it.

We look forward to the Public Launch on Thursday!

Keep Geeqing out and speak soon,

The Geeq Team.