Geeq Token Swap Update

By: Geeq  on Nov 30, 2021

Over the summer, our Tokenomics Update underscored the commitment of our founders and advisors to the project by stating that their tokens would not be unlocked until the Geeq platform was deemed secure enough to make the swap from the ERC-20 version of the Geeq token to the Geeq native coin.

The conditions for the token swap will be met when the code for the base layer of payments, a wallet solution, and a node client have been tested, debugged, audited, and meet our security requirements. It is important that we take the time to get this right as once the native coin exists, there will be no way for Geeq to adjust its behavior. We are and must remain committed to that. As things stand, we fully expect the Geeq Token Swap to occur by Q3-Q4 2022 after we have confirmed the network is fully secure and passes all legal requirements.

More information on Geeq’s tokenomics is here.

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The details of the rounds, liquidity and monetary policy, tokenomics and distribution may change depending upon conditions in the current regulatory, financial, and legal environment, agreements with liquidity providers, coding and other technical considerations. New information will be published here. Tokenomics and distribution will not change following the conclusion of the pre-round allocation.