Geeq Staking Announcement

By: Geeq  on Dec 16, 2021

Staking Announcement: Due to the AscendEX event over the weekend and its halting of withdrawals, we have decided to open a new traditional staking pool. We didn’t want our community to miss out on participating in our new round of staking due to GEEQ being locked in AscendEX.

The new pool, Geeq Staking 7, will have the same terms and conditions as Geeq Staking 6, with 2 changes:

  • Double the pool size, to 3 million GEEQ
  • More than twice as long as our usual (7 day) contribution window, to 18 days. This will allow people to withdraw from AscendEX and enter our webstaking pool should they wish to do so.

Geeq Staking 7

  • Full Rewards: 25% annualized
  • Full maturity: 90 days
  • Early withdrawal: 60 days early withdrawal
  • Early withdrawal: 10% annualized
  • No Minimum, MAX stake allowed 100,000 $GEEQ
  • Pool size: 3 million GEEQ
  • Contribution window opens on Friday, December 17th at 4 pm UTC
  • Contribution window closes on Tuesday, January 4th at 4 pm UTC if pool is not filled before then

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