GEEQ – Token Distribution Event

By: Geeq

Greetings my fellow Geeqs!

Great news. We are happy to announce that we have now held our Token Distribution Event. This took place on August 6th at 2 pm CET. (12 pm UTC)

All tokens that are unlocked will be distributed imminently, in fact, some of you may have them by the time this article has the “publish now” button pressed. This will include AMA rewards from our fantastic recent events such as @Eljaboom along with the Geeq starter kit & DeFi giveaway winners from our social media channels.

At times when projects release their new token, it will not be present by default in some wallets. If this happens don’t panic! It is a regular occurrence and quite often happens, with so many wallets and tokens out there.

The details for adding the Geeq token to your wallets can be found below:

Name – GEEQ
Contract address – 0x6b9f031d718dded0d681c20cb754f97b3bb81b78
Decimals – 18
Etherscan link:

Listed below are various guides to some of the more widely adopted ERC20 wallets to help you through the process of adding Geeq or any other erc20 tokens to wallets so the token shows up thereafter.






If you cannot see your wallet in the above list then it’s easy enough for you Geeqs to do a quick browser search to find your specific wallet and instructions on how to add a new erc20 token to it.

Bitmax is the Primary platform which will be listing $GEEQ at 4PM CET (2PM UTC)  6th August.

Bitmax is our recommended partner for the $GEEQ launch and recommends people who wish to acquire $GEEQ should use this platform when the market goes live at 4PM CET (2PM UTC)

We will also provide some small liquidity on Uniswap 50,000 GEEQ at $0.25. We estimate the initial liquidity pool from us to be live between 2PM CET – 2:15PM CET(12PM -12.15PM UTC)

As stated all along, the initial liquidity from our side on Uniswap will not be much, as anyone can provide liquidity as they wish. It is not up to us how the liquidity evolves on Uniswap as Geeq have finalized all pre-rounds.

We strongly advise everyone to ensure that they are using the correct GEEQ smart contract as listed above and do some research on how Uniswap functions before using the platform.

We look forward to seeing GEEQ go live on our Primary listing platform at 4PM CET (2PM UTC) Today!

There are many sites available for time zone conversions, such as this one.

Again, we would like to thank you all for your support since we started Geeq and for the most recent couple of weeks especially.  We look forward to building our community as well as our Ecosystem as we all work to make Geeq a success together!

Geeq’s Tokenomics page includes information about the initial circulating supply, token allocations, token release schedule, and total circulating supply. Please also join our channel on Telegram where the latest relevant news is pinned to the top for your convenience and the Admins are so nice they have answered the same questions thousands of times anyway. ? Let’s give them a round of applause!

Keep Geeqing out and speak soon,

The Geeq Team

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