Meet The Geeq Team — Stephanie So, CDO & Founder

By: Geeq  on Dec 4, 2019

Welcome to the third installment of our Meet the Geeq team series! This week’s edition will feature our incredible Chief Development Officer, Stephanie So, providing you all with a little bit more insight into the great minds behind Geeq™ and Proof of Honesty.

Meet Stephanie So!

The co-founder and CDO of Geeq, Stephanie is a vastly experienced technologist and economics expert. In 2001, she was the first to use machine learning on social science data at the National Center for super-computing Applications.

Stephanie has an innate passion for disruptive technology that furthers global development and believes Geeq™ will provide a platform for everyone to have access to low-cost blockchain services that are both decentralized and secure.

Her role as CDO is to oversee Geeq™ development and ensure the Geeq™ mission is integrated into everything we do and build as a company.

The Long Game

Although Stephanie spent the first part of her career in academics, she never lost sight of the developments and problems of the real world — and to this day, she does not really identify as an economist. Stephanie is a social scientist at heart who wants clarity about definitions, measures, problems, and practical solutions.

These were the reasons she was drawn to the blockchain space.

Stephanie resonated with the industry’s primary aims to empower ordinary people, to improve all lives, and support progress. She believes that by building a blockchain infrastructure we can help provide an efficient and affordable platform that allows secure micro-transactions on a mass scale. This will facilitate a considerable amount of blockchain applications that were previously thought impossible.

Geeq™ & Proof of Honesty

Stephanie was introduced to the failings of existing blockchain protocols when her husband (Professor of Economics at Vanderbilt University and fellow Geeq™ founder) John Conley was exploring ways to overcome the industry’s shortcomings while he was consulting for Terepac and Ric Asselstine (now CEO of Geeq™). Considering both Stephanie and John shared expertise in economic theory and a roof they naturally began discussing the problems and forming solutions together.

Terepac’s IoT required a public blockchain with comprehensive security, powerful output, little latency and low cost. While John was the lead on that project, Stephanie later became involved once Ric and John realized that their solution to the Terepac blockchain problem could be applied to other industries and have a huge impact on the lives of everyday people. Thus Geeq™ was formed.

Thanks for reading! We hoped you enjoyed discovering more about the team behind Geeq™