Geeq Blockchain COVID-19 Response

By: Geeq  on May 16, 2020

COVID-19 has united us.

There is no issue more pressing than the threat posed by COVID-19. In a matter of months, countries suddenly found themselves in the same situation.

Their people were threatened by the same pandemic, their health systems faced the same critical shortages of supplies, researchers the world over needed access to universally accepted data, and businesses were shut down by an inability to reach their customers or suppliers.

The only countervailing positives were the efforts, worldwide, for individuals to try to deliver care and information to each other informally and directly, without waiting for official announcements.

In our industry, we call that method of interaction “decentralization”.

Now what?

As physical distancing continues, people will rely more on electronic networks and data repositories to reshape their work lives and develop new ways to communicate and socialize.

In the coming months and years, every government, business, health care organization, and manufacturer will have to grapple with tough decisions about how to allocate resources. Decisions will be scrutinized.

We’ve learned that delays, an inability to coordinate efforts, and bad information has cost us, collectively, over three hundred thousand lives, each one of which was precious.

So what must be the response? Already, demands for complete honesty and transparency have sky-rocketed.

What is needed is a way to coordinate in a decentralized way: to be able to agree on a common set of facts in order to solve problems faster and easier, and to adapt to a world where each of us must take on more personal responsibility for the common good.

Geeq is already prepared to solve the problems in this timeline.

Geeq is a technology startup based in Waterloo, Ontario, that has been working on these solutions. Geeq is a public blockchain platform as a service (BpaaS) and blockchain as a service (BaaS) company.

Geeq is positioned uniquely as the only blockchain company of any kind whose public blockchain can guarantee coordination in a completely decentralized way. Any user of the Geeq platform can send data (or tokens) from their account to another with the assurance that the receiver will agree on the exact same verified information. On Geeq, mutual accountability is built in – which means less guesswork, fewer delays, and an inability to defraud or otherwise take advantage of each other.

Geeq’s blockchain platform overcomes others’ limitations. Geeq’s BpaaS is, uniquely, infinitely scalable while maintaining state of the art security throughout its ecosystem, with easy upgrade paths for the blockchain applications built on its platform. Developers and businesses are able to build BaaS that function completely independently from others, thus reducing overhead. Finally, Geeq’s business model allows all users to outsource their blockchain networks in a completely decentralized, permissionless way so no one (including Geeq) will ever be able to alter the narrative from the set of facts that were submitted, verified independently, and agreed upon by any interested parties.

More than ever, accountability is needed in the post-COVID world.

The world is going to need a way to move forward efficiently, if it is going to find ways to solve problems (or build connections) that need strangers’ participation.

Geeq’s technology powers the only blockchain platform that can guarantee there will be agreement on a common set of facts, potentially by parties with conflicting incentives, when using blockchains as a service.

Entities that build on Geeq to offer blockchain as a service will be able to bridge the digital gap with new offerings to offer solutions that help people work, communicate, and collaborate, while their customers know that applications built on Geeq automatically generate records that will show, incontrovertibly, a business’s commitment to accountability and transparency.

When it became clear COVID-19 was spreading across the world uncontained, Geeq Co-Founder Stephanie So took time off to volunteer on the urgent campaign to flatten the curve, spearheaded by the New England Complex Systems Institute, which is the group behind (@endCOVID19 on Twitter). She saw was an outpouring of volunteerism across the internet and frantic efforts to make or obtain Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to frontline workers. Millions of dollars were raised by various groups, seemingly overnight.

However, the structure of the internet was not up to the task of directing independent efforts around the globe efficiently and directly, in a decentralized way, to where they were needed most. What happened instead was that many, many groups formed who tried to become the center of activities, which created confusion and duplicated efforts as each scrambled to create infrastructure that could function quickly via direct command and control.

What the post-COVID world needs is to build, and then build on, Geeq. The technology of Geeq’s platform will free individuals and groups across the decentralized internet to outsource the mechanics of blockchain technology while being able to get directly to the business of coordinating information and directing transactions immediately to their intended recipients.

Starting with its first blockchain application as a service, Geeq’s blockchain platform – and only Geeq’s blockchain platform – can provide the data structures that can guarantee the efforts of governments and charitable groups will be able to provide accountability to their backers.

As work and lifestyles begin to find a new normal, Geeq’s platform is the only one that can scale while offering all of its users the security that the sensitive data and billions of transactions that will be transmitted in the digitally powered, post-COVID world without setting up new centers of control. Geeq provides the engine necessary to power the era of personal responsibility that the world needs, and unleashes the collective power of being able to act on a set of commonly agreed upon and impartially verified facts.

Illustration Credit: Created by Cristina Estanislao for United Nations Global Call Out To Creatives – help stop the spread of COVID-19.