Technical paper

By: Geeq  on Sep 16, 2022

Co-Founder and Chief Economist John P. Conley published Geeq’s Technical Paper, which provided the mathematical proof that Geeq’s mechanism design resulted in a unique, coalition-proof, equilibrium for a decentralized network of nodes to produce provably honest and provably canonical blockchain, under very general assumptions. The requirement was that the active node list (the validating network) of a Geeq chain had to be open to a single honest node.

Because only public, decentralized blockchains were under consideration at the time and Geeq validating networks rewarded any anonymous honest node, Geeq’s security was described as 99% Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT).

John also outlined Geeq’s network communications and validation protocol, the fallback procedure called the Catastrophic Recovery Protocol, the Edge Security Protocol, and methods to harden the network. He concluded, together, these provided security to “protect users from any level of dishonesty by the validating network, and ensure … nontrivial, honest and canonical block writing can at worst be delayed for a small number of block writing intervals.”