Nov 10, 2021

From the 4 Cs to the 3 Ts

There’s a theme to all the news we are sharing today: Geeq is moving beyond the 4 Cs that drove our early focus to the new 3 Ts: team, technology and traction. We’re gaining recognition as a blockchain-based payments platform with mass adoption potential. Our new partnerships show how seriously industry leaders are taking us, and how hard we’ve been working to demonstrate the value of our technology to the right people, particularly in fintech.

We have some big names and key supporters helping us to reach enterprise clients and early adopters (read on for details); we know what the Geeq difference can achieve, and we are making sure that the market knows it too – while protecting our IP and rolling out even more improvements.

Gaining traction in Asian markets

A highlight of recent months was the opportunity to introduce Geeq to enterprise customers at the HUAWEI CLOUD Day symposium on blockchain technology in finance. This came out of our selection for the HUAWEI x MorpheusLabs Launchpad Service, which offers guidance for enterprises looking for the best blockchain-based cloud solutions. At the Singapore symposium, in the company of fintech leaders such as the head of the Singapore Fintech Association and associate director of forward-looking investment firm Temasek, John was able to introduce the Geeq difference to an audience of corporate clients. You can catch up on his talk and hear about how seamless payments technology, at negligible cost, hassle and risk, can unlock massive potential across use cases from content to enterprise data.

And we are proud to have been selected to join the acceleration program Unizen’s ZenX Incubator – helping us to attract early adopters and investors. Unizen is a crypto liquidity platform backed by our partner JUN Capital, among others. We are delighted at how much s

New patent application for seamless, secure NFTs

In technical news, we have filed an international patent application relating to the way our protocol enables NFT transactions without smart contracts. The patent includes our protocol’s support for automatic fixed royalty payments to the minter upon transfer of ownership, and builds on Geeq’s bearer tokens and micropayments technology.

Step by step: further uses for micropayments

The latest additions to our Testing Framework v0.2 highlight new use cases for micropayments, focusing on the sharing of business or academic research to promote innovation. In the coming weeks, you can expect to see a new technical update as well as the release of a cloud-based version of the Geeq Pay Testing Framework, which removes some technical limitations and brings the framework closer to real-world conditions. 

Reminder for Webstaking – ends December 13

Meanwhile, the current staking pool is nearing maturity. From December 13, contributors can withdraw their funds and the full rewards. Thank you to all our enthusiastic supporters – we really appreciate your help! As always, we communicate our staking plans and opportunities on all our channels, and coordinate plans and announcements so our communities will know well in advance.


In September we confirmed that, as specified in our published tokenomics, founder and advisor tokens will remain locked up until Geeq is ready to open to the public in a decentralized and secure way and the ecosystem is ready for the swap of the ERC-20 token to Geeq’s native coin. Again, all this will be communicated to our community well in advance.

In the headlines

We continue to spread the word about our tech’s potential with articles about the power of NFTs to transform gaming and drive positive social change; the macro potential of micropayments in journalism; and the crucial role of built-in respect for user sovereignty in protecting a brand.

Coming in Q4…

As we near the end of developing Geeq’s payment solutions, with the ability to launch a blockchain in the cloud, we are continuing our focus on Geeq Pay’s micropayments capabilities. As tempting as it is to showcase the other features of this base layer, we know how important it is for our users, partners, and potential clients to see a micropayments blockchain in action. It’s important not only for Geeq, but for the world at large to see a breakthrough in blockchain technology with so much economic potential.

While our users, partners, and potential clients will be able to create accounts in a sandbox environment, we are concurrently developing Geeq-native applications that make use of micropayments. We have seen major interest in using Geeq micropayments in gaming. By the end of Q4, we aim to have completed this base-layer ledger of payments transactions. This layer will be tested with centralized nodes; as mentioned in the Tokenomics above, this stage will not trigger a swap to the Geeq native coin. In summary, we expect Q4 to result in an important milestone for Geeq’s micropayments as we concentrate on its use with commercial partners. We anticipate adoption to pave the way for Geeq Pay to emerge fully vetted in 2022.

We look forward to sharing more news about those developments in the next installment.

Thanks for reading, be well, and be a Geeq!

The Geeq Team

Forward-looking statements: Statements in this newsletter, including statements relating to Geeq’s future plans and objectives or expected results, may include forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are based on numerous assumptions and are subject to all of the risks and uncertainties inherent in technology development and commercialization. As a result, actual results may vary materially from those described in the forward-looking statements.

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