Geeq Data for Attestation

What is Data Attestation?

Modern organizations rely on a wide variety of data to make decisions. But with so many possible sources to choose from, how can you know which data to trust? Geeq Data can be used to trace your organization’s data and provide a permanent attestation of its provenance.

Benefits and Use Cases

Rapid Response to Cyber-Intrusions.

In fields like finance and healthcare, data is increasingly vulnerable to ransomware and cyber-attacks, which may lead to files being deleted or edited. Geeq Data provides a non-intrusive way to record continuous attestations for incoming data. Geeq’s protocols uniquely ensure authentic references will exist to distinguish the original data from unauthorized changes.


Remote work, combined with technologies like RFID, QR codes and the IoE will flood businesses with data originating from outside their firewalls. Enterprises need secure, scalable systems to track and validate sources. Geeq Data provides attestations, traceable to unique digital signatures, on bespoke private blockchains, while Geeq’s secure, multi-chain platform enables scaling without limitations.


In many fields, organizations need to produce auditable records. Geeq Data is a user-friendly, easy to automate system that empowers organizations to maintain auditable data trails by using private and public blockchain instances. Geeq’s public-private hybrid solution enables nuanced disclosure. Access to private chains may be restricted to the organization. In addition, concise pieces of information may be submitted contemporaneously to a public chain, which may be used to prove the existence and authenticity of those private records to interested external parties, such as regulators.

How It Works

Geeq Data is a standalone solution which can be powered by multiple, separate private, public, or hybrid blockchain deployments. Every Geeq Data app consists of two blockchains: one for the validation layer, and the other for the application layer. Here’s how it works:


Use a Geeq API to send attestations of any machine-readable data to a Geeq Data application.


Choose which data to track. Each attestation will include metadata, a hash digest of the submitted data, and a digital signature. Metadata may include any relevant information such as device ID, owner, location, parties to a transaction, or record type. Each transaction is validated by Geeq’s patent-pending protocols: the most secure in the industry. Every valid transaction is immediately settled on the validation layer while the associated application data payload is written to the application layer.


Geeq Data applications for enterprises may be customized to include a permissioning system that dictates who (or what) is authorized to submit an attestation.

Attest and Monitor.

All attestations may be stored on private Geeq Data applications. Attestations can be retrieved easily via a Geeq API. In the event of a cyber incursion, Geeq nodes will determine which blockchains have been tampered with and identify the correct version of the data.


Geeq’s hybrid public-private blockchain solution provides organizations with the flexibility to share pertinent yet small pieces of information for credibility and compliance. Further evidence for audits may be retrieved using the private blockchain as necessary.

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