Multi-user permissions

By: Geeq  on Sep 14, 2022

Certain types of Geeq proxy accounts are able to designate an Administrative User. Permissioning structures for accounts and applications are highly desired for enterprise use and mirrors the settings for most software applications with group accounts.

Traditional software users will find this approach to blockchain familiar. In addition, these features provide on-ramps to integrations with Geeq.

Validating transactions, writing blocks, and updating records when there are multi-user permissions is complex. At the application layer, Geeq’s protocols are even more detailed, in order to construct blockchains and update ledgers in the correct sequence.

However, Geeq’s innovations of (i) validating and settling every transaction on-chain, (ii) using templates that automatically separate the data payloads, and (iii) building validation and application blockchains concurrently, makes it possible to build multi-user permissions into Geeq’s infrastructure. In doing so, the doors to a new age for decentralized “coordination” have been thrown open for Geeqs to walk through.