By: Geeq  on Sep 15, 2022

The next step was to prove Geeq could scale to settle micropayments easily on-chain. Micropayments has always been one of the target use cases for Geeq’s high volume, low margin, multi-chain infrastructure. Micropayments were developed using Geeq’s bearer token technology submitted in the second patent application.

Using a simple web wallet in the Chrome browser, Geeq released two versions of Geeq Pay for the community to see Geeq’s technology in action to process micropayments as they were funded and spent for content (video, image, text and audio), in sample e-commerce settings.

The community could simulate using $Geeq (by using a pre-loaded wallet of pretend tokens) to fund and spend micropayments, mediated by transactions to a Geeq chain. Each micro-coin account, adjustment in the current ledger account and wallet, and payments can be viewed simultaneously from a technical standpoint and the user experience of a purchaser or a merchant with a receiving account and dashboard.

There is a wealth of material about Geeq’s micropayments use cases on geeq.io, including the micro-value chain, microdonations, and remittances.