February 2023 Tech Round-Up

By: Geeq  on Mar 2, 2023

Support for Ed25519 encryption library

The Geeq dev team has begun amending the codebase to add support for the Ed25519 signature scheme. This encryption option is designed to provide attack resistance on par with 128-bit symmetric key algorithms, while improving speed and performance. Viewed as one of the most secure encryption schemes available, it provides specialized countermeasures to resist common implementation vulnerabilities, thereby defeating many side-channel attacks.     

Code complete validation frameworks

A number of validation frameworks have now reached code complete status, including single checks, joint checks and inclusion checks. A core advantage of Geeq compared to blockchain networks which rely on smart contracts is that it will be much cheaper and quicker for users to verify specific information. Because each Geeq application transaction is validated individually and its payload is written in a corresponding application block, data is not spread between primary user accounts and smart contract states, greatly simplifying data verification. We will continue to add additional types of validation options as work on the 2-in-1 progresses.

NFT demonstration app updated

The NFT demonstration app is used as a business development tool to attract commercial partners interested in using Geeq NFTs to track and validate the chain of custody of goods and documentation in supply chain settings. In addition to correcting a few minor inconsistencies and mistakes, the latest update to the NFT app also features an improved design and additional depth in the form of new block explorer pages.

Updated demo environments to support protocol v4.6

In January, we completed work on protocol v4.6, the first version of the Geeq blockchain to include code geared toward NFTs. The Geeq demonstration environment now supports v4.6 of the protocol. In addition, the Geeq Data and Block Explorer applications have also been updated to support the latest protocol version.

We hope you enjoyed reading and, as always, thank you for your support!
– The Geeq Team