Geeq Data is bringing you the power to certify your own documents and data. It is an attestation service that shows how Geeq’s blockchain technology provides solutions to problems that arise when responsibility for data integrity falls through the cracks or there aren’t enough resources to authenticate and verify every piece of data manually.

Data integrity is an issue that can cost businesses as much as 25% of revenue. As cybersecurity attacks worsen, even redundant backups may become useless if you do not have confidence the data are unchanged. With Geeq Data’s provable security, it is possible to identify which backups have been contaminated, which ones have data integrity, and how to narrow the scope of any necessary recovery efforts.

Lines of responsibility for data ownership also are becoming harder to maintain as the volume of data increases and interactions grow exponentially. Miscommunications or mishandling of data responsibilities can be the sources of rifts at work, breaches of privacy, liability, and worse. Geeq Data introduces clarity to those situations in a highly efficient and non-intrusive way.

As an individual, trying to trace data integrity and track down who is responsible for which data can be overwhelming. Too often it feels like you are lost and on your own, not knowing who to contact, how to find them, or when they might help you.

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