March 2023 Tech Round-Up

By: Geeq  on Apr 3, 2023

  • Core dev work on validation framework and network actor records
  • New socket API for Geeq Data app
  • Mobile NFT demo app released

Geeq’s blockchain protocol is innovative in that it is leaderless, with no hierarchy between nodes. Unlike most other blockchain networks, there are no special “proposer nodes” who win the right to propose the transactions to be included in the next block. Instead, every node in a given hub validates the transactions in a candidate bundle independently without any influence from others. (Find out more about the leaderless protocol here).    

This month, the Geeq development team has been working steadily on developing code central to the operation of the leaderless protocol. This work will be included in the protocol v4.8, which is scheduled to be completed in mid-April.

Protocol development work

The protocol development work in March has been focussed in two main areas; the validation framework and network actor records.

Validation Framework
The validation framework has been expanded to include checks that data is distributed among nodes in a manner that complies with Geeq’s leaderless protocol. This new validation framework is now code complete. In the upcoming weeks, the team will devise and write tests to check and benchmark its performance in a wide array of circumstances.

Network Actor Records (NARs)
Progress was made on the development of NARs, which are used to keep track of which nodes are present in the network at any given time. These records will be used to compensate honest nodes for their validation work and for providing virtual machine services. NARs will first be incorporated into Geeq private instances before being further developed for use in our public network.  

Socket API for Geeq Data app

A new socket API has been developed to deliver transaction status updates to the Geeq Data app. While the frontend of the app will remain unchanged, this API will provide a more efficient and scalable mechanism to provide updates to our business partners.

NFT demonstration app updated

This month, we also released a new mobile version of the NFT demonstration app. The app is used to showcase Geeq NFTs to potential business partners, by interactively illustrating how they can be used for verifying the chain of custody of goods and documentation.

We hope you enjoyed reading and, as always, thank you for your support!
– The Geeq Team