Geeq Q1 2021 Update

By: Geeq

Hello Geeqs! We have made a great deal of progress on the core infrastructure of the GEEQ blockchain. Please enjoy our latest technical update.


The main development focus for the past month and a half has been the message fields and data that need to be sent between nodes, wallets and hubs. These building blocks can easily form several hundred different messages that need to be sent back and forth between the blockchain members.

We have networking code in various forms. The previous video update did not involve TCP/IP but instead had two components directly passing messages in a single environment. We now have UDP based communication using Captain Proto, with over 550 different fields that can be sent.

Lead Developer Ian Smith is currently debugging the networking messages to make sure all of the data unwraps properly. Our first message is a transaction, and next Ian’s team will focus on composing a large number of messages for cloud transactions, demonstrating the core components of our network and transaction model. This will include Hubs, Bundles, a static Active Node List and other components.

Geeq is Reinventing Information and Communication Technology for Blockchain

As a reminder, Geeq’s Proof of HonestyTM protocols are revolutionary among blockchain protocols, including its messaging workflow. Geeq Co-Founder John Conley has always required Geeq’s blockchain communications to be provable, a difficult task indeed that no one but John has been able to accomplish.

While a great deal of time was spent on the initial framework for communication, the Dev Team has been using the detailed specifications from John to create significant headway into the entire functionality. The messages are not “atomic” to their data, but hierarchical and interrelated.

Transactions contain block references and the various kinds of transaction types’ connections, etc. Since all of the parts connect in the Captain Proto specification, it was very important to get these connections correct.

A Note on Future-Proofness:

With the recent progress into a NIST competition for quantum safe cryptography, we have been watching our favorite “horse in the race” evolve into a more mature and flexible long term solution after all traditional “discrete log” cryptography is weakened by quantum computing.

With a completely new framework, we are able to make choices that will add several years to traditional cryptography as well as adopt long term (20+ year) solutions for migration.

Other cryptocurrency and blockchain projects are often stuck with old choices without an upgrade path, despite a migration needing to occur this year.

We hope you are as excited as we are about our progress. Please spread the word and stay tuned for more!

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