by Geeq
Sep 12, 2022

External audits

Geeq’s transaction logic is simple and enables many use cases by building the required base layer elements in the blockchain protocol. Because these are core functions that do not use smart contracts, they do not have dependencies that must be verified all the way back to the original call.

For the multi-chain platform itself, only the base-layer code must be audited. There is no additional code to write or verify. Geeq will seek external audits before public mainnet.

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by Geeq

ERC to GEEQ token swap

For users of public and hybrid (public-private) payments and applications powered by Geeq, all transaction fees on the Geeq ecosystem will take place with the native Geeq coin. All public nodes will be paid for honest work in the native Geeq coin, which will be automatically deposited to their node accounts by protocol.

As per Geeq’s White Paper, Geeq’s basic business model is to charge public platform users a fee equal to approximately three times the cost of the marginal resources needed to process transactions.

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Point-of-sale crypto payments

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