December 2022 Round Up

By: Geeq  on Jan 12, 2023

  • Proxy account records introduced for notary transactions
  • Block explorer and Geeq Data app updated for protocol v4.1
  • Tests for payload consistencies with unverified application transactions

Administrative accounts added for Geeq Data

Multi-user accounts were added to the roadmap to accommodate enterprise needs. Using proxy records (any non-individual account in Geeq applications) adds flexibility for clients to use the kinds of permissions and active directory structure they are used to in their other systems.

Proxy records for the Geeq Data app are code-complete.

Ecosystem updated to v4.1

Geeq is a multi-chain platform where every Geeq chain follows the same protocol and each chain has its own active network. (To see the exciting way Geeq scales for applications without compromising blockchain security, here’s an explainer.)

In our development process, every major update to the blockchain protocol itself requires corresponding changes to the ecosystem that supports communications between the blockchain and the applications. Those changes were completed this month for the test-net v4.1, the Geeq Data application, and its corresponding block explorer.

Testing for application message formats

Geeq’s protocol will feature a range of standard transactions, avoiding smart contracts entirely for the sake of efficiency and security. For example, in 2023, we are focusing on NFT minting.

Geeq Data is currently specified with 5 metadata fields, each of which is 64 bytes long.

Our Geeq Data and Block Explorer are configured for characters from multiple languages (UTF-8).

The development team has been conducting consistency checks for the format. Here is an example of one of the tests of the metadata array.

Sample test to check payload format consistency for unverified application transactions.


When data is transformed and tracked on a blockchain, firms can increase the efficiency, security, and transparency of their operations. But to adopt blockchain, enterprises typically need to make big changes to existing processes and systems, which can be costly and time-consuming to implement.

With these opportunities and challenges in mind, Geeq has been working on a new approach. Our solution will combine Geeq NFTs and Geeq Data validation to solve real-world problems with minimal alterations to existing processes. We have been developing examples for business development to illustrate how key stakeholders may use Geeq NFTs to tie their ownership clearly to a physical good, as well as provide secure transfers so a supply chain is more traceable and transparent. You can see a sneak peak of it below.

Intuitive UX for Supply Chain example

We hope you enjoyed reading and, as always, thank you for your support!
– The Geeq Team