Rex Yeap

By: stephanie

Dr. Yeap has three decades of experience across the Information Technology value chain that spans industry, government and academia. Dr. Rex Yeap is currently a Partner of an IP strategy, creation, commercialization where he directs efforts towards the creation & commercialization of novel inventions and invests in early-stage companies. He is the co-inventor of the patented IP Blockchain and has over 20 Information Technology related patents and thousands of inventions over the past three decades.

Additionally, Dr. Yeap is the head of Education in the Singapore Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Industry Association. He also has a cybersecurity & forensic practice specializing in data analysis, examination and acts as an expert witness for cyber forensic cases. His wide experience in the technology and blockchain space is hugely appreciated here at Geeq.

Fun fact: More than 28 years ago, Dr. Yeap was the champion of the National Software Competition (in Singapore) for his novel game that he developed called Scrablet – a combination of Scrabble and Tetris.