by Geeq
Jun 4, 2021

Nina Jones

Nina’s background is in Anthropology, Fine Art and Graphic Design, and she has been instrumental in creating Geeq’s warm, friendly, and lively vibe. Sharing the Geeq passion for making people feel at home and in control of their lives, Nina’s designs signal the optimism and excitement of Geeq’s person-first decentralized solutions.

by Geeq
Dec 22, 2020

Marcos Benitez Rubianes

Marcos is a world reknowned blockchain advocate, with a background in finance and law. Using his experience in finance as well as the crypto and blockchain space, Marcos brings unique insights into regulatory compliance and international finance. He also has supported many early-stage companies to achieve their goals and add value for their investors.

by Geeq
Dec 10, 2019

Michael Reynolds

Michael is a creative individual with years of experience in video production, animation and design.

by Geeq
Dec 5, 2019

Russell Compton

Russell is a trained Industrial Designer from OCAD University, who has focused his career on web-based communications. He co-owns and operates the custom web development firm Independent Development which is based in Peterborough, Canada.

by Geeq
Nov 27, 2019

Robbie Vander Ghinste

For the last 6 years Robbie has been operating in the Information Technology industry. While honing his skills in both Business Development and Team Building, Robbie was headhunted by the biggest IT consultancy in Belgium where he excelled as a Project Manager.

by Geeq

Bill Griffiths

Bill worked in face-to-face customer service for more than 25 years before turning his attention to the crypto space. For the past three years, he has helped various companies manage community chatrooms with over 10,000 members from across the globe, in addition to a multitude of social media environments.