by Geeq
May 1, 2023

Jeremiah Simmons

Jeremiah has experience from his time in the U.S. Army managing teams of Network Engineers and System Administrators to deploy and upgrade Enterprise Services in support of rapidly changing demands and environments. Additionally, he oversaw the planning and use of equipment spanning several domains to support redundant internet and radio-based communications at the strategic and tactical level.

by Geeq
Feb 15, 2023

Slavian Oatu

Slavian’s background of business information systems and marketing spans both traditional finance and crypto. First in a major German bank, then at a range of blockchain organizations – from wallets and exchanges to NFT platforms and even tokenized litigation finance – he has built an impressive network, from the UK to Singapore.

by Geeq
Jun 4, 2021

Nina Jones

Nina’s background is in Anthropology, Fine Art and Graphic Design, and she has been instrumental in creating Geeq’s warm, friendly, and lively vibe. Sharing the Geeq passion for making people feel at home and in control of their lives, Nina’s designs signal the optimism and excitement of Geeq’s person-first decentralized solutions.

by Geeq
Dec 22, 2020

Marcos Benitez Rubianes

Marcos is a world reknowned blockchain advocate, with a background in finance and law. Using his experience in finance as well as the crypto and blockchain space, Marcos brings unique insights into regulatory compliance and international finance. He also has supported many early-stage companies to achieve their goals and add value for their investors.

by Geeq
Dec 10, 2019

Michael Reynolds

Michael is a creative individual with years of experience in video production, animation and design.

by Geeq
Dec 5, 2019

Russell Compton

Russell is a trained Industrial Designer from OCAD University, who has focused his career on web-based communications. He co-owns and operates the custom web development firm Independent Development which is based in Peterborough, Canada.