Ric Asselstine

By: Geeq

Ric is an inspirational CEO with proven success in bringing disruptive innovations to market. Alongside his astonishing vision, Ric also has the passion and ability to assemble world-class teams, scale growth and execute new concepts.

With a wealth of industry experience, Ric was personally invited to assist with the formation of Open Text Corporation, a pre-Internet era software company that Ric guided on to a successful IPO. Open Text now enjoys revenues of $5 Billion. Following this successful venture, Ric went on to cofound the successful IoT disruptor Terepac Corporation with Dr. Jayna Sheats, a pioneer in advanced manufacturing. Most recently, he met Dr. John Conley and formed blockchain game changer Geeq. 

Pulling from his broad experience, Ric comes armed with an acute sense of timing with early-stage technologies, the ability to navigate complexity, and the expertise to transform it all into simplicity and value.

Though the world of disruptive technology has suited Ric immensely, he still maintains the hope to be a shock draft pick by the Toronto Maple Leafs someday.