Ric Asselstine

By: john

For Ric Asselstine, building out GeeqChain and its flexible platform will be viewed from the future as an inevitable, timely step in Ric’s life-spanning habit of bringing disruptive innovations to market.

Up close and in his own time, Ric is a true visionary who has been attuned to the potentials of technology since his first start up in internet search software in 1995.  Ric went on to cofound Terepac Corporation, a company originally positioned to develop advanced electronics miniaturization techniques for elegant, inexpensive instruments, which naturally evolved to be (and continues as) an early and successful entrant in the Internet of Things space.

It was about the time Ric fit all the pieces of IoT together, that he saw blockchain coming down the road.  As an enterprise solutions guy, Ric realized existing blockchain methods were neither secure nor affordable enough to do what they should.  Unwilling to settle for blockchain with holes, he reached out to John to invent the missing pieces, and GeeqChain was born.

Geeq is beyond fortunate to have such a seasoned executive as Ric.  Ric has the talent for pulling together the right people, and the patience and know-how to navigate all the legal, financial, regulatory, and jurisdictional hurdles required to bring GeeqChain from inception to world-wide adoption.  There is no “can’t” in Ric’s vocabulary.  It’s all about “what we can and will do, but let’s be smart about it and change the world”.

Ric is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University (BBA), University of Windsor (MBA) and is the CEO of Geeq Corporation and its parent company, Terepac Corporation.

Ric hopes someday to be drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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