Blaire Gateman

By: Geeq Corporation

After graduating from the University of Guelph with a literal passion for building, Blaire started his own construction company. An expert in scale ups and organic growth, he built his business to more than 500 employees over the span of 34 years and counting. His company completed projects across Canada, including the construction of some of Canada’s most prestigious golf courses.

An expert in contract negotiation and in nurturing long term working relationships with disparate businesses, Blaire’s long history of large and prestigious projects, resulting in satisfied customers and employees. will lend the precise advice Geeq Corporation needs to onboard Geeqs of all kinds: businesses, developers, and users, as they discover the potential of interacting with Geeq’s flexible platform.

Hobbies: Blaire is a non-stop builder who varies the scale for fun. He has never stopped building homes and, when he can be found in his own home, he enjoys building fine furniture. If anyone doubts blockchain will ever be put into practice, please note the Geeq team is full of people who won’t be satisfied until they see positive, tangible changes made real in the external world.

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