Eric Ball

By: Geeq Corporation

Eric has spent most of his career in finance roles at large corporations. His longest tenure was as Senior Vice-President and Treasurer at Oracle Corporation, from 2005-2015. In that role, he raised $52 billion in debt financing to fund 105 acquisitions made by Oracle.

In 2017, Eric co-founded Impact Venture Capital, an early-stage technology venture firm, with Dixon Doll and Jack Crawford. Impact VC focuses on technologies that cut across multiple customer verticals and has invested in companies in artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, internet of things, software, and fintech. Eric enjoys the variety of working with different business models, identifying new investment opportunities, and meeting with potential investors for this venture fund.

Eric believes GeeqChain offers an alternative architecture for blockchain that scales better than any other, and has the potential to disrupt the foundational use of blockchain technology. He reminds us that offering a superior technology is a necessary, but not sufficient, condition for success and that Geeq’s success will be measured by gaining adoption in a crowded market. As Geeq works toward that success, however, Eric’s valuable guidance in the complicated worlds of traditional finance, fintech, and crypto-finance will be a tremendous advantage for Geeq to emerge and flourish in the international marketplace.

Eric is a graduate of the University of Michigan (A.B.), University of Rochester (M.A. and MBA), and the Peter Drucker School at Claremont Graduate University (Ph.D.)

Least-documented analyst day: Was attended by Kim Kardashian, who gave the financial review to the Wall Street analysts (but also strictly forbade anyone but her photographer take any photos).

Eric has survived: A charging elephant, a zebra stampede, Grade-5 rapids, and coaching little league baseball.

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