Lun-Shin Yuen

By: john

Lun is a Silicon Valley technologist and entrepreneur who began his career as the third engineer at Intuit.  Between 1988-2017, Lun’s job positions were described variously as “Head of Engineering”, “CTO”, and “Principal Software Engineer”.  He was instrumental in leading development during the high growth early stages of Career Central, Paycycle and Intuit/Quicken.

Lun enjoys the excitement of working through the development process and the thrill of the rapid scale up in companies’ life cycles.  At Intuit, he found it profoundly rewarding to deliver a financial software program built for ordinary individuals that was then adopted by tens of millions of people.

Lun oversaw the expansion of Quickbooks into their international versions and keeps the needs of both end users and businesses in mind as he works to provide complete solutions in the technology space.

Lun brings rich and deep technical expertise in areas that range from cloud infrastructure to mobile platforms in the fintech space.  His proven experience in providing innovative, user friendly services in secure computing environments makes him a key asset as Geeq’s Lead Architect.

Lun attended the University of California at Berkeley (B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) and Stanford University (M.S. in Computer Science), which evidently gave him a lifelong love for ultimate Frisbee.

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