Jul 20, 2023

From Merkle Proofs to Monetary Policy

Geeq continues to power ahead with building a smarter, more usable blockchain solution for enterprise, we have been working equally hard on building our profile and showing exactly what makes the difference.

While our dev team continues to power ahead with building a smarter, more usable blockchain solution for enterprise, we have been working equally hard on building our profile and showing exactly what makes the Geeq difference. Here’s the full round-up.

Making waves with Morpheus

Over the year we have been working closely with our strategic partner, Morpheus. Network, to develop supply chain solutions for their clients in the logistics sector. You can read more details here about our joint product offering, leveraging Geeq’s unique data reliability features and multi-chain architecture along with Morpheus’s leading middleware platform.

Tech talk 

On the tech side, we continue to hone Geeq’s capabilities, and report on that progress regularly. You can find all our tech updates here, but these are the highlights (don’t skip June!):

  • February saw us improving our encryption with Ed25519 library support, and updating demo tools. 
  • In March we reached code completion on Geeq’s expanded validation framework.  
  • Completion of the encryption upgrade in April showed that the protocol was unaffected by changes to the encryption algorithm, providing a robust upgrade path. 
  • May’s update gave detailed insight into the Geeq network path to validation.
  • June was a big month, with implementation of merkle roots and a novel way to encode a merkle proof pathway. As the team works to complete this standard framework to provide efficient, immediate, and irrefutable proofs, we have solved a problem that continues to plague other blockchain protocols.  

Algorithmic money

On the token side, looking ahead, we have developed a proposal for an algorithmic monetary policy to stabilize (not control!) the price of $GEEQ. The volatility of cryptocurrencies is a barrier to investment and adoption, but past experiments in both fiat exchange rate pegging and stablecoin design have shown that attempts to fix the price of money are counterproductive. We put our economists’ hats on to devise an alternative, reliable, transparent, automated mechanism that would work together with market forces to support a more predictable policy that ties token price to utility. You can read the details here, and see our co-founder John Conley discuss the proposal in an AMA.  

The proposed AMP would only be implemented, at the earliest, a year after mainnet launch. Meanwhile we continue with staking of the GEEQ token to provide steady rewards for our supporters.

Explainers & use cases

As we like to say, Geeq is blockchain for the real world – and here are some articles that explain why. We have highlighted three problems that only Geeq can solve, and know how to combat cybercrime. Read these articles to discover Geeq’s solutions to today’s most pressing enterprise concerns, from protecting data in the remote working era to transparency on AI training.

We also explain why Geeq’s durable proof of validity is a game changer: because you can confirm the authenticity of a record, without requiring access to the blockchain (so, no crypto wallet complications) and without revealing the actual data. This opens the way to reliable and hassle-free auditing, streamlined supply chain management and more.And we’re updating the glossary to keep you informed about Geeq’s essential ideas and how we define the terms we use.

In the spotlight 

Our co-founder and CEO Stephanie So has joined the CoinTelegraph Innovation Circle to share her expert insights on blockchain investing, the path to mass adoption and more.  

Stephanie was also seen on a number of panels in recent months. She took part in the Blockchain Council’s Women’s Day webinar “She for Web3”; discussed the “Road to Web3” with Offchain Boston; and joined Mike Reyes for Rhode Island New Technology’s Fireside Friday video chat, discussing blockchain solutions for the healthcare industry. Meanwhile, John attended the MARBLE conference in London to share and learn more about high-level research in blockchain.

It’s your turn

If you haven’t already, try our Geeq Data demo here: https://certify.geeqdata.io/

It’s free. Even better, it’s easy. Go to the website, upload a .pdf or .jpg (family-friendly material, please), and see how your data becomes recorded and searchable in blockchain format.

We will package this attestation service with our digitized asset service, for you to use on your own private blockchain. Use APIs to upload contracts to associate with your unique, tokenized asset, so anyone you transfer the asset to (e.g. along a supply chain) will be able to see its history to date, along with the legal paperwork that supported it on its way.

All with the security, efficiency, and ease of Geeq. Contact us  to pilot Geeq Data today! Have questions about Geeq Data for enterprise? We have answers.

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a Geeq!


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