Geeq talks Human Nature

By: Geeq  on Sep 16, 2021

Observers of politics in the United States and/or the decentralized technology movement watched the fiercest, most public clash over a recent effort by the US Congress to impose sweeping regulations on the sector.

We saw those as the latest shots fired in a ongoing disagreement between those who tend to think about human nature at a macro level versus those who think about specific decisions, behaviours, and outcomes. Thinking at the macro level may have been best practice for decades, because all participants were expected to abide by similar rules, for a fairly restrictive and well-defined set of markets and market structures.

However, times have changed. Now that decentralized technologies exist, it is time to recognize policies will have consequences at a much more granular level. After all, participants in decentralized markets have the opportunity to make choices with a degree of independence that simply was not possible before. Trying to lump the explosion of technologies into a single basket does not make sense, and trying to control the breadth of consumer activity comes at the extremely high cost of interfering with an engine of economic development, for every demographic, world-wide.

Geeq’s technology, grounded in realism, offers a way forward

Central bankers and politicians have a history of bias toward the status quo and tend to greatly overweight the risks of the unknown. Perhaps it is because they have the responsibility to make rules that affect groups of people writ large. Every group of people has its outliers. Worrying that these will be troublemakers seems to take up a disproportionate amount of energy and tends to result in the unproductive vilification of the other side, on both sides.

We don’t dispute the fact there are and will always be a few bad apples in the apple cart. In fact, a core strength of the Geeq community is our honest recognition and acknowledgement of the full range of human nature. That is why it is such a game changer that Geeq has invented its Edge Security, and our community is eager to use it.

With Edge Security, Geeq users can ignore any troublemakers. Since they can’t affect us, we can accept human nature for what it is, while not letting fear upset the apple cart of progress.

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