Feb 11, 2023

It’s a good time for good news

With the year’s first month already behind us, we are excited to be putting our new strategic focus to work as we keep building enterprise solutions to drive mass blockchain adoption.

New year, new CEO, new focus

We entered 2023 with an evolution of our leadership team as Dr Stephanie So, co-founder and co-creator of the Geeq protocol, took the reins and outgoing CEO Ric Asselstine became chairman of the board. Stephanie’s intimate knowledge of Geeq and her deep understanding of Web3’s potential will drive us forward as we continue to pursue the vision of a Geeqy future. 

If you missed our end-of-year round-up, this is a great place to catch up on everything we achieved in 2022 and what we are planning for 2023. Take note of our new strategic focus, the 2-in-1 NFT that combines our unique data attestation service with smart-contract-free NFTs. This is a groundbreaking product that finally bridges the gap between digital and real-world rights for truly meaningful ownership. 

See how Stephanie explained the Geeq solution in our December livestream here; and you get a sneak peek of what this looks like in action, with the example of a coffee supply chain, in our December developer update or the latest one from January. That update also includes details of our progress on updating the Geeq ecosystem to 4.1, and adding proxy accounts to meet enterprise needs. 

New staking opportunities and tokenomics

It’s also time for a new round of staking – just as our last pool reaches maturity. Full details, explanations, and instructions here; in a nutshell, we have two new pools, with an increased cap of 3.5 million tokens, and annualized staking rewards of up to 20%.  

Meanwhile, we have updated our tokenomics to reflect the current company holdings and upcoming token movements. Our initial marketing allocation having been used up, we will now be releasing 500,000 tokens per month for staking rewards and other incentives. 

New thought leadership

Writing in Cointelegraph, our CEO Stephanie shared some sharp insights on why Web3 needs more simplicity. It isn’t just about user comfort – in an open-source paradigm, obfuscation of the underlying technology creates a major security problem. Simpler means more predictable; safer; more robust and longer lasting. 

And, of course, Geeq believes strongly that simplicity of implementation is crucial for adoption. User comfort does matter, after all; you can’t get people on board to use something they don’t understand and takes too much time. Also in the livestream, Stephanie chatted with Matt Linton, Geeq friend and CEO of our strategic partner Rowbot, about how simplicity is at the core of our combined effort to make data useful again

As you can see, we are maintaining a clear focus on delivering tangible benefits to enterprise clients, responding to existing needs while keeping an eye on the future. 

Thank you for being a Geeq!


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