Geeq Value Proposition – Part 2

By: Geeq

Brad Laurie, cryptocurrency educator and Ambassador for Morpheus Labs, Geeq’s strategic partner, sat down to ask Geeq John Conley about which tools Geeq is building in for use cases such as micropayments and IoT.

The answer might surprise you. Fundamentally, Geeq is designed to be best in class at what it is: a decentralized platform, to support any app you can imagine, with unsurpassed blockchain security. We know Geeq has a comparative advantage at providing blockchain infrastructure and so that is what we concentrate on doing.

We emphatically are not in the business of reading minds. We don’t presume to anticipate what everyone might need, and we don’t want to force you to pay us for what you are capable of building yourself. (Of course, we offer those services because ultimately, if the job should be done, it should be done right.)

Geeq’s Value Proposition: Micropayments with BlockchainBrad

If we tried to get into the business of guessing what everyone might want and then tried to build it into Geeq’s platform, it would bloat the underpinnings of Geeq for everyone. Sorry, that’s not our style.

Of course, John does have a favorite use case for Geeq that he has been itching to build. It involves streaming micropayments for an easy machine to machine app that is only possible if you can process very cheap and very secure transactions on blockchain.

If you are frustrated with cell phone use when you travel, this video is for you.

Geeq has partnered with Morpheus Labs to further reduce the costs and time spent on prototyping and deploying DApps on Geeq as well as to bring Geeq’s technical expertise to Morpheus Labs’ adoption initiatives.

The full interview is available on Brad’s YouTube channel HERE. Please watch this space; we will feature other portions of Brad and John’s in-depth talk in the future.