Monetary Policy in a Digital Economy

By: Geeq  on Apr 22, 2023

What have we learned from real world monetary policy that can be applied to a digital economy? Is it possible to provide more optimal conditions for economic growth? Is it ever possible to hit a target of “optimal”? What are the relationships between changes in the price of a currency (inflation, deflation), purchasing power, and changes in the token base?

Geeqs John Conley and Slavian Oatu sit down for a frank conversation to answer these and other questions raised by our community. The insights apply not only to Geeq, but to token economics, crypto communities, and blockchain platforms of all kinds.

Spread the word. Geeq is serious about drawing lessons from the past and putting that knowledge to work for the digital platforms of the future.

  • 00:00 Welcome John Conley
  • 02:14 What is AMP?
  • 04:25 Why does Geeq need a monetary policy?
  • 12:18 How will AMP work?
  • 15:05 Can we have a monetary policy without inflation/deflation?
  • 18:00 How are everyone else’s incentives aligned?
  • 23:35 Why is the AMP also used to fund Geeq?
  • 32:27 Will the AMP always have to create new tokens?
  • 36:58 When will AMP become active?
  • 38:30 Can AMP be adjusted/fine-tuned once it’s live?
  • 40:35 Closing remarks.

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