How can I learn more about Geeq’s technology?

By: Geeq  on Jul 26, 2021

The Home Tab shows the back end of Geeq’s protocol. It’s the technical display for those who would like to take a look under the hood.

To get an overview of Geeq’s protocol, Proof of Honesty, and how it differs from other blockchain technologies, here is a short video.

The best way to understand all the details is to visit Geeq’s Testing Framework v0.1.

Both Home Tabs are configured in the same way and we have a lot of FAQs for you to read.

If you prefer video explainers, please try:

#1 – Orientation to the Home Tab

#2 – The Genesis Block

#3 – The Event Log

#4 – Send a Transaction

We also have an entire website of materials at, including our Glossary.

And don’t forget, everyone is welcome to join our GeeqOfficial Telegram community!