Why do I Need a Chrome Extension?

By: Geeq  on Jul 26, 2021

What does an Extension do?

Installing an extension provides a predictable way to interact with a website.

Geeq’s Go Micro extension serves two functions in Micropayments TF v0.2.2.

  • It is a place holder for a future wallet. It holds your Geeq pennies until you authorize their use and keeps track of your transactions, so you get a feeling for how Geeq micropayments can be funded and spent.
  • It interacts with the Store pages to show how creators will be paid per click.

    Examples of other Chrome extensions:
  • Metamask,
  • The Pinterest save button,
  • The ability to view Instagram in your browser so you have the same experience as on your phone,
  • One click-access to your Calendar app, etc.

Technical Notes:

The extension interacts with the web browser on your machine only. No one else can see it (unless they are looking at your screen).

For example, you must be aware of extensions that quietly monitor your web activity and inject personalized ads when you use the browser to revisit the site.

Geeq’s Go Micro does not monitor your web activity. It is there simply for you to communicate with a Geeq payments chain when you initiate and authorize a transaction.

Independent creators and stores that use Geeq Pay will receive payments automatically to their own Geeq accounts. Because Geeq has such tiny transactions costs, creators receive nearly everything you send.

Bottom Line:

We hope platforms who care about improving their users’ experience will integrate Geeq Pay.

Geeq Pay will help creators and businesses attract and retain customers they might lose if they have to listen to sponsors’ ads, go through paywalls, or give up private information such as their emails to subscribe.

If you have a platform or payment system that would like to work with us, please let us know at partners@geeq.io.