How many Geeq pennies may I buy?

By: Geeq  on Jul 26, 2021

Because Micropayments TF v0.2.2 is working in your browser, we put a limit of purchasing 500 Geeq pennies, which should be more than enough to get the idea.

We did this for practical reasons: we don’t know how you are using your browser and how much memory is allocated to one of your tabs. We don’t want you to think the code does not work efficiently when the real problem is you have 75 tabs open.

If you choose to focus on the number of pennies you can submit in an order, instead of:

  • the amazing ability of using Go Micro to generate pennies on chain, so that
  • you can pay any creator whose site is powered by Geeq Pay with a few clicks, and
  • Geeq Pay will put the payment directly into the creator’s account – on chain,

then you will see your orders of available pennies filled in batches as transactions are processed, blocks are written, and the accounts in the Current Ledger State are updated.

Next steps:

We expect to push this testing framework to the cloud, where no one will have to worry about your browser constraints.

We look forward to stress testing Go Micro and Geeq Pay with you then.